A personal chef and their staff will come to your villa with fresh produce and cook on an agreed day and returning the kitchen to its original state.

GBP 40.00 per person

Please note that a minimum order for 8 persons is required


Lime & Chilli King Prawn Skewers

Seabass Fillets

Garlic Mussels

Buttered Scallops

Ribeye Steak Strips

Chicken Fillets (assorted flavours)

Pork Chops

Citrus Shrimp Salad

Cajun Coleslaw

Spanish Paella

Cous Cous with Roasted Vegetables

Sweet Potato & Halloumi Kebabs

Mexican Guacamole

Pink Pickled Onions

Peppercorn Sauce

Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce


Assorted flavours – Maple syrup, Honey, BBQ, Garlic Butter, Chinese style, Tandoori style, Sweet & Sour and Cajun.

Desserts available upon request, at an additional charge


A surcharge may be applicable depending on the villa’s location.